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“It wasn’t a process we initially expected to undergo, but we are happy with the outcome and glad to have saved $750,000 to continue building a platform that will help those in need of legal advice.” The only contest requirement was that the URL associated with the submission needed to be a .com domain name available for less than $3,000. A separate, 5-day contest was held for suggestions around a new logo to incorporate on the redesigned website. While considering the contest submissions, the team conducted an exercise that led them to, which felt like a perfect fit. The URL was also available for $1,780, a significantly more cost-effective domain name for the tech startup. “In the end, our final decision on the new name didn’t come to us from the contest,” said co-founder Tyler Cox. “But we are grateful for all of the submissions we received as they contributed to us ultimately finding our new brand name.

In case suddenly your Acer laptop shuts down, check the Acer laptop troubleshooting manual. This is a common Acer laptop problem that has got something to do with overheating. Some Acer owners have reported that the DVD burner has suddenly stopped working after the warranty period ended. Another problem is what’s known as “the click of death.” Acer laptops are not cheap and should definitely provide far better quality for that money. Some owners have complained about the USA ports not working.

Some Owners Have Complained About The USB Ports Not Working.

The machine will now not even turn on and if the warranty has passed, you will be facing some major issues. On Acer laptops, pressing the FM button and F6 at the same time is the back light on/off ogle. The repair typically consists of opening the monitor replacing the cold cathode tube and reassembling the unit. Another problem is what’s known as “the click of death.” Acer has been notoriously difficult in communicating such problems with clients, the customer support is not very helpful and they don’t reimburse too often. If you’re thinking of buying Acer laptop computers in the US or UL, then I suggest you to read about the main Acer laptop problems before you buy. Make sure your laptop is not getting really hot.